Cyberbullying in the age of Rising Nationalism


The girl was smart, pretty — and obsessed with the idea of taking her own life.

She was just 14 years old.

What drives a child to such a dark place — in which death seems the logical escape from unbearable suffering?

The answer is both terrifying and as common as homework. The teen, a student at a highly regarded New York City public middle school, was targeted for torment by a gang of Mean Girls.

Her classmates “made fun of her because she was skinny. Other girls were more developed,” Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D., a family therapist who counseled the teen and her parents, told me. Her folks were in denial.

The girl “cried herself to sleep every night.” So the psychotherapist took it upon herself to call the principal of her patient’s school.

The response floored her.